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Here you can find examples of our DJs at work, all presenting different styles of music in idiosyncratic ways. Have a listen in your own time, and see if you can find someone that stands-out, or a music genre that resonates with you. We're lucky to boast a wide variety of DJs, and so the range of genres are vast, including open-format (multi-genre), commercial (chart), urban (r&b, hip-hop, trap, drill, afro, dancehall, grime), house, garage, disco, party, and many more. 

W8 Mix
Stylez Mix
Rugged Mix
Pizzle Mix
Jizza Mix
Silky D
Nojan Mix
Mr Bibs Mix
Candy Mix 1
Nev Mix
Prodeezy Mix
AB Mix
LunarSol Mix 1
J Bizi Mix
G Smallz Mix
LunarSol Mix 2
Candy Mix 2
Ryan K Mix
Tino Mix
Art of Rap Mix
Dough Mx
Marko G Mix
Marteen Mix
Haydz Mix
J Wavey Mix
Ryan Woods Mix
TM Vibemaker Mix
Wax Mix
Bossa Mix 1
Browns Mix
Bossa Mix 2
J Beats Mix
Pierre Mix 1
Gallo Mix
Jodie Weston Mix
Kito Mix
Alice Go Mix
Pierre Mix 2
Lutz Mix
Stas Angelov Mix
Alchemy Mix
Jam Fu

Have you got something in mind but haven't been able to find it in our catalogue? Don't go! Get in contact, and we'll put something together for you based on your requirements.

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