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Why book through New Konnect?

  • Firstly, our DJs and hosts are all put through a rigorous process of vetting to determine competency. We do not add anyone to our roster that hasn't the skillset necessary to represent both ourselves, or our clients. We are the Royal Marines of DJs and hosts.

  • We save you the retched time of sourcing suitable, bonafide DJs and hosts. Which, if you don't know already, can be a minefield with the emerging bedroom DJ. In other words, our service gives you more time to concentrate and manage the aspects of an event specifically tailored to your area of expertise.

  • We ensure that DJs and hosts present an on-brand image. Stylistic and personality considerations will differ depending on the client; hence we have an extensive range of DJs and hosts to suit all retailers and products. 

  • Using our knowledge in the industry, we work symbiotically with each brand to develop a unique sonic identity to remain consistent with its image and product. Genres, styles, tempos, and playlists are all tailored to engender an atmosphere that engages the target demographic at all times.

  • We assign an account-holder to every client, encouraging open dialogue from the moment you request a quote, to the execution of the set, and ultimately to the debrief. Have no doubt; your account-holder will remain flexible to ideas and improvements throughout the entirety of each booking.

  • As a matter of practice, we forward zcards to either marketing or head office, for approval before any job. 

  • We offer the supply and installation of the correct equipment required for any job requested, along with de-rig.

  • Our DJs and hosts are provided with comprehensive libraries of radio-friendly songs to make sure your activation complies with Ofcom and does not cause offence to your customers.

  • We take care of finding replacements where necessary.

  • We supply site visits upon request to ensure events go ahead without a hitch. When needed - usually in shopping centres - we file for permission to have a live DJ play in-store and provide risk-assessments.


How much does a DJ or a host cost?

  • The cost of a DJ depends on the specifics of your requirements. The profile, equipment, distance-to-travel, and set-times, all factor into the overall fee.

  • With price-check, we promise to match any competing quotes of equal service - assuming you can provide evidence to demonstrate legitimacy.

  • We will always look to problem-solve where budget-restraints jeopardise the vision of your event. If you provide us with your budget we will endeavour to work with you to meet it as best we can.

  • You can get a rough quote here: New Konnect Calculator


How can I secure a booking?

  • A booking is secured once you have received your quote via email, accepted the fee, and confirmed your satisfaction with the talent suggested. At that point, the DJ or host will be marked 'unavailable' for your event date. No deposit is required. However, any cancellations made less than 48 hours before the event will incur a 50% charge to cover admin fees and potential loss of work.

Can I amend a booking?

  • Sure! Times, dates, playlists, equipment or personnel; let us know what it is you need to amend, and we will get it done at no extra fee.


What happens if I make a booking and want to cancel it?

  • No problem. We understand plans change from time-to-time. You will have up to 48 hours before the event to cancel the booking. Cancellations after this point incur a 50% charge to cover admin fees and potential loss of work. Where possible we would much rather re-schedule than cancel - with no cost to the client regardless of when the requested.

What do I get on the day of the booking?

  • Equipment installation and de-rig.

  • DJ or host set for the agreed time.

  • Talent management, communication, and development.

  • Morning confirmation of DJ's or host's transit to location and pictures at the start of each set.

  • Cancellations and replacements, adaptations, and feedback.

  • Retail and marketing coordination.

  • Debrief

Do you provide package deals?

  • We are happy to say that we do. Be sure to make us aware through our contact page or pricing page if you're interested in receiving information on our package deals. 

How much notice do you require?

  • Turn around is usually 7 days, but we can facilitate late requests when needed.



What music will the DJ play?

  • In short, the DJ will play what you request. We work with you before your event to give you peace of mind; our DJ or host will deliver your expectations. You can provide us with a rough idea of what you would like or a strict playlist. Alternatively, you can feed us information on your demographic and let our team take creative control - it's entirely your choice. If at any time you are dissatisfied with the music let us know, and we will have it changed immediately.

Is there a minimum set time?

  • No, there isn't. However, we do recommend set-times no shorter than 4 hours to ensure you get full value from your booking. 

Are your talent COVID-19 safe?

  • Absolutely! We instruct our talent to wear PPE at all times; we even provide branded PPE where requested. Anyone we put forward will have been trained in NHS guidelines surrounding hygiene and cleanliness and will adhere to the government's COVID-19 advice.

What happens if a DJ cancels?

  • No need to panic. We will provide a like-for-like replacement if for any unforeseen reason a DJ or host becomes unwell or otherwise unable fulfil their duties.


Do we need to source equipment ourselves?

  • Honestly, it's up to you. Most of our clients are more comfortable and find it less stressful to leave it to us. But, if you're confident that you know what you're doing, and you want to shoulder the extra responsibility you're more than welcome.

Is the equipment PAT tested?

  • ​You bet! Let us know if you require certification, and we will provide it.


Are your DJs insured?

  • ​100%! PLI up to £10,000,000. Professional Indemnity up to £1,000,000.

How much space is required for a DJ set?

  • In most cases 8ft x 6ft.

Can you provide lighting?

  • We don't personally install lighting rigs. We can, however, recommend suppliers that we trust.

Staffing & Coverage

What talent do you advise?

  • ​We will always advise the DJ or host we feel is best suited to your particular requirements. Location, brand, style, demographic and budget are all taken into consideration when putting forward a candidate. You are not obligated to accept our first recommendation; we welcome feedback that better instructs us in what you're seeking. In some instances we may propose a few suggestions, leaving it to your discretion to choose.

What territory do you cover?

  • We have DJs and hosts that spread the breadth of Europe, allowing us to cover every major city between Dublin (Ireland) and Warsaw (Poland). The list of destinations we have work from is endless; London, Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff, Munich, Cologne, Milan, Rome, Paris, Marseille, Amsterdam, Rotterdam. Brussels, Lisbon, Oslo, Stockholm, Florida, any many many more. Luckily, every member of our rooster is are willing to travel, which gives our clients a bigger pool of talent to draw from when selecting a DJ or host fit for the occasion​​.


Do you provide DJs for private bookings?

  • Yes, we do! Most of our DJs are whiling to be the life of the party at a private function. Birthday's, weddings, bar mitzvahs, engagement parties, baby showers, and school proms; we do them all. For more info, head over to our pricing page and fill in the quote form.

Can you also provide promo staff?

  • Although this not our area of expertise, we do have contact with staffing agencies whom we have worked closely with in the past, and would be happy to recommend.

Payment & Policies 


How are payments made?

  • Clients must make payment no later than 30 days after the work has been completed (unless we come to a prior agreement stating otherwise). 

  • We accept payments via bank transfer only. 

Do you provide DJs for competitors?

  • We do not concurrently work with competing retail stores or brands as we find this to be a conflict of interest. Feel free to email us to find out more information on our integrity policy.



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