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Comprised of sophisticated retail stores and high-end brands, our customers all understand the beneficial difference an impressive in-store atmosphere has on footfall and customer experience. They look to dominate social media platforms progressively, interacting with their customers in ways that express trend and relevance. Our clients take their marketing strategy one step beyond their competitors, and by doing so, ensure they remain the dominant force within their forte.

our clients take their marketing strategy one step beyond their competitors

The magnitude and variety of projects we have curated over time is something we take great pride in. The confidence our clients have in our ability to deliver is not taken for granted; we ensure every event is given the care and attention it deserves. Our team has been entrusted by some of the most reputable brands across Europe to showcase their brand, launch their products, and host their guest appearances, which have always run smoothly and efficiently with class and distinction.

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New Konnect is a U.K. based DJ agency operating out of London. Through us, individuals and clients can hire a DJ suitable for any event they wish to hold; whether it's a retail event, corporate function, nightlife promotion, or a private event, such as a wedding or birthday. Our London headquarters forms the nucleus of a global network that allows anyone using our service the ability to find a DJ, or if preferred, find a host, anywhere in the world.

Stretching across the European continent and beyond, our comprehensive catalogue of talent boasts a tight-knit team of industry experts. All of them have been put through rigorous interviews to ensure the highest standard of service. Ultimately, we aim to connect talented individuals with reputable organisations and corporations who sought street-credible services.

Historically, we have worked alongside some of the most prestigious brands on the global market, and we are delighted with the rapport we have built amongst those we have partnered with. Our ability to understand the strengths and weaknesses of our talent, whilst at the same time being able to relate with brands puts us in a unique position. From this, we can keep events and activations running smoothly, by foreseeing and proactively preventing complications that could arise. 
At New Konnect DJ Agency, we present options and offer advice, but always prioritise the wishes of the customer first. So our team can either go unnoticed, providing a seamless professional service or; it can be the focal point of a campaign - creating those unforgettable moments. Either way, our open communication policy endeavours to see all the connections we make between DJs and client are successful ones.

New Konnect DJ Agency

"We couldn't have 

 done it without you"

-Regatta (Ireland Retail Team)

"New Konnect delivered

 beyond expectations"

 -Nike (U.K. Marketing Team)

"Your team has been simply amazing"

 -THFC (Youth Marketing Team)

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