DJs and hosts for retailers and corporations

New Konnect is a London based DJ/Host agency. Stretching across the European continent, our comprehensive catalogue of talent boasts a tight knit team of industry experts, all of whom have been put through rigorous interviews to ensure the highest standard of service. Ultimately our aim is to connect talented individuals with prestigious organisations and corporations who sought street credible services.


We are honoured to have worked with some of the biggest brands on the global market, and delighted with the rapport we have built with those we have worked with. Our ability to understand the strengths and weaknesses of our talent, whilst at the same time being able to relate with brands puts us in a unique position. From this we are able to keep events and activations running smoothly, by foreseeing and proactively preventing complications that could arise. 


Our team can either go unnoticed - providing a seamless professional service, or it can be the focal point of a campaign - creating those unforgettable moments. Either way our open communication policy endeavours to see all the connections we make are successful ones.

"New Konnect delivered
beyond expectations "

                                                             - Nike (U.K. Maketing Team)